Spring Sneaks Up

by Robert Thompson on 04/12/11

It seems Spring has come overnight. You look up one morning and everything is green again. I finally added some Patio Lights to my Etsy shop. Hope to start some more tomorrow.

Take a look at the great stools found by my Better Half at Scott's Antique Market. I had been searching for affordable Science Lab Stools for some time and these two appeared in the Studio. They even swivel....

I have the whole day off tomorrow and plan on a trip to Scharko Farms to see what I can scrounge. They have been busy and it looks like they are expanding their beds this year. Will post some photos of what I find. All for now.....

The Simple Things In Life

by Robert Thompson on 03/06/11

I bought a new bale of Wheat Straw at the Fairburn Feed & Seed yeterday afternoon. With two pots of pulp already cooked, it looks to be the Perfect Bale - very clean - and is breaking down after cooking for only two hours in lye. See the photos attached here.

Sometimes it is the simplest things that excite me.  I will post some photes of the resulting paper later in the week.

I will be apprearing at the Fairburn Camellia Garden Club for a demo and lecture on Tuesday. Am looking forward to sharing with neighbors. And they are serving Lunch after......


by Robert Thompson on 02/21/11

I was happy to spend some much needed Studio Time today - Presidents Day- lucky to have a three day weekend. After finding a very symapthic framer in Greg Blair of Dogwood  Gallery & Framer in Tyrone, I was inspired today to make paper for some projects I plan to have professionally framed. I hope to do a series of three pieces of bundles of scrolls similar to my Dale Palm scrolls in the photo on the Studio page. These scrolls will be various types of paper and various shades. These scrolls will not be imprinted - but will highlight the textures of the paper.

The photo here is of some sheets I made this afternoon using Pampas Grass gathered at Scharko Farms yesterday morning. I hope to make some test scrolls tomorrow an will add a photo of the results. More to follow...

First Paper of 2011

by Robert Thompson on 01/01/11

My 2011 is off to a good start already. As has been my tradition for years & years, I spent a several hours this morning making my first paper of 2011. I used a dark unbleached wild grass from Scharko Farms - gathered this past summer. I made 30 3x5 pieces and couched them onto waxed paper to dry. Drying them this way will give the paper a very interesting texture. I will post pictures here as soon as they dry.

I always try to use interesing fibers for my first paper of the year. This paper will have meaning as it will remind me of the great summer I had gathering materials from Scharko Farms.

Though I have framed only a few projects using my New Year's Day paper, I have all the other years safely boxed and labled for when I finally get around to binding and framing. This paper I plan to bind with pieces of Black Bamboo from our yard.

Millie P was my loyal companion this morning keeping me company as I worked. The photo here is later in the day when she was relaxing with her duck.

All the Best for a productive and healthy 2011....


Paper For ICE Next Weekend

by Robert Thompson on 11/14/10

I logged about seven hours in the Studio today getting ready for the two day Indie Craft Experience show next weekend. I've attached photos of some of the things I worked on today. I am very excited about the new Drum Pendant Lamps. I am planning to do these in various jewel tones soon. I just mastered these this week so these two are all I can manage for the show.

We are headed for a relaxing evening on the sofa with the TV, a good book and the Dogs. It just started raining here so it is a great night to be snuggled up with a book......