Garlic Tops & Skins : MAKING PAPER AT LOT 10

Garlic Tops & Skins

by Robert Thompson on 08/28/11

My friends from Serenbe Farms brought me bags of Garlic Tops and Garlic Skins yesterday that  they had put aside for me during the week. I put the Garlic Tops on the stove in the Studio first thing this morning. See the photos here. The Garlic Tops make a beautiful rich golden paper that is very strong. The Skins - added to the blender - make a very nice textural contrast.

I plan to make some paper using the Serenbe Garlic tomorrow and will post some photos when it is dry. The paper will be part of my new work available at next Saturday's market.

The Serenbe Market continues to be a great venue and has encouraged me to make new paper every week. I have also created new framed pieces - with new frames - using small stones my Sister sent from the Oregon Coast. I have sold 5 framed pieces with the stones so far.

More to follow.....

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