First Paper of 2011 : MAKING PAPER AT LOT 10

First Paper of 2011

by Robert Thompson on 01/01/11

My 2011 is off to a good start already. As has been my tradition for years & years, I spent a several hours this morning making my first paper of 2011. I used a dark unbleached wild grass from Scharko Farms - gathered this past summer. I made 30 3x5 pieces and couched them onto waxed paper to dry. Drying them this way will give the paper a very interesting texture. I will post pictures here as soon as they dry.

I always try to use interesing fibers for my first paper of the year. This paper will have meaning as it will remind me of the great summer I had gathering materials from Scharko Farms.

Though I have framed only a few projects using my New Year's Day paper, I have all the other years safely boxed and labled for when I finally get around to binding and framing. This paper I plan to bind with pieces of Black Bamboo from our yard.

Millie P was my loyal companion this morning keeping me company as I worked. The photo here is later in the day when she was relaxing with her duck.

All the Best for a productive and healthy 2011....


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